Update: BRIMS Ireland Study Trip

UPDATE April 5, 2022:

If you are interested in the BRIMS Ireland Study Trip -

  • BRIMS' block of airline tickets is filled up HOWEVER...

  • We still have room for 2-3 more travelers who could join us once on the ground in Ireland. Those travelers would need to book their own flight to Ireland and the BRIMS price would be $2300 (full cost minus the $900 airfare portion.)

  • If you'd like more information, please email or call Lori Madden at brimtsunes@gmail.com or 434-409-9631

WHEN: June 21st – July 2nd COST: $3,200 We’d love to have you join us for this once-in-a lifetime cultural experience: BRIMS' 6th Ireland Study Trip!

** $3,200 price includes: airfare, travel while in Ireland, accommodations in hostels, meals and classes.


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