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Apr 27, 2024


Charlottesville Waldorf School

Instrument and Vocal Workshops

Saturday, April 27 Workshops

Singing with Eileen Estes, Fiddle with Joanna Clare, Tenor Banjo with Patrick Winch Charlottesville Waldorf School

Workshop Details-April 27 at Waldorf School:

Fiddle: Ornamentation in Irish Tunes (intermediate-advanced, all melody instruments) Taught by Joanna Clare 60 minutes $25/participant In this workshop, we will cover ornamentation including multiple types of rolls, triplets, slides, grace notes, and other techniques to spruce up your playing. This workshop is open to children over the age of 6. Students are encouraged to bring their melody instrument, a notebook and pencil, and a device for recording.  Banjo: Irish Tenor Banjo (Beginner/Intermediate), All ages accepted This is a class for the Irish tenor banjo tuned GDAE. We will be covering the basics of rhythm, techniques, and various ways to approach playing various tune types on the tenor banjo. This is an ideal class for those who have more recently picked up the instrument and want to deepen their understanding and improve their foundation. 45 minutes $15 per student Voice/Singing Workshops:Workshop 1: A class for singers of all levels looking to improve their technique for Celtic, Folk, and Contemporary songs. Singers will learn to consider the whole body as an instrument, identify areas of held tension, and learn tools to relax and release. We will explore stretches, breath support, exercises, and more to help singers find more joy through singing while protecting the voice. 14 yrs and older are welcome.  

30 Minutes

$20 per student ($30 for both singing workshops) Workshop 2: This class will focus on resonance, ornamentation and phrasing. The aim of the gathering is to support singers who are seeking a more traditional Celtic sound. We will also learn and sing a song (or more) together. All levels are welcome - ages 14 and older.  30 Minutes

$20 per student ($30 for both singing workshops)

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